by Tyler J Sloane

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Available until: October 31, 2021
© 2020 Tyler J Sloane

Mx. follows the intersecting relationships of six queer non-binary & male folks navigating a theme of: ‘what’s prescribed but hard to swallow’ over the 2016 year in downtown Toronto. Heath wants to thrive in the freedom Canada alludes to, Samphel discovering the possibilities of sexuality and the magic of the community’s nightlife, Dameer wanting to hold onto the rollercoaster ride of being in love, and Nathan flirting with all levels of performance, resilience, and lust. With the character of Mattea at the forefront wanting to juggle; community safety, a new burgeoning relationship, freedom, and emerging as the burlesque performer; Colin Eyes’d. Yet represented as the two spirits; Toby & Mickey, trying to find a way to find peace and thrivance within their Two-Spirit femme identity. With influences of Indigenous Missing & Murdered Youth, the McArthur Victims, BLMTO, and lateral violence in the Queer community, the story culminates in the mysterious disappearance of one of their own. 

Writer: Tyler J Sloane

Co-Directors: Colin Wolf & Tyler J. Sloane

Featuring: Xavier Lopez, Jay Northcott, Kwaku Okyere, Zachary Running Coyote, Gehan Udayanga, and Marshall Vielle.

Sound Designer: Olivia Shortt

Production Coordinator: Sara German

Dramaturge: Jake Tkaczyk