Judith and Adam are old friends who haven’t seen each other in years. As teenagers, they spent a lot of time getting drunk or high and baring their souls to each other. Judith, who has moved away, runs away from her new city when her wife gives birth to a stillborn child. She goes to find Adam, only to discover that he has just attempted suicide. Judith saves his life, and drives him out into the desert, where they embark on a journey of inebriation, life, death, and everything in between.

This production contains content warnings for: Adult Language / Content; Death/ Dying; Drug Abuse / Alcohol Abuse; Homophobia/ Heterosexism; Kidnapping/ Abduction; Mental Illness;Miscarriages/ Abortion; Pregnancy/ Childbirth; Self-Harm; Suicide/ Suicide ideation; Trauma/ PTSD

Writer/Director: Calla Wright

Featuring: Philip Hackborn, Chiara Tate-Penna, and Josh Travnik

Sound Design/Composition: Daniel Belland

Production Coordinator: Robin Wolff von Selzam