Being Gay makes you a liar. A fraud. Actually. Because we are taught to hide our identity from a young age and we grow up using these lies to protect our true selves from the world and the world from our true self. Some people would say being Gay is a parasite …

Meet ‘Guy’ – He’s just been diagnosed with a rare enteric parasite that is eating away at his gut – eating him from the inside out. He got it because he is Gay – whatever that means. He also neglected to tell his partner. 

Meet ‘Ken’ – He’s the perfect boyfriend. He’s got the best body. The best dick. But that’s not good enough because he doesn’t know how to use it. He’s caught between the pursuit for a perfect persona and holding onto a deteriorating relationship.

You could say being Gay forces you into deception. Or you could say society has taught Gay people to be experts at lying. Or perhaps ‘our existence is an act of resilience.’ -Alexander Leon

Writer/Director: Brett Dahl

Guy: Silverius Materi

Ken: Austin Halarewich

Doc: Jay Whitehead

Nurse: Mia van Leeuwen

Sound Designer/Composer: Allison Lynch

Production Coordinator: Deonie Hudson

Content Warnings: Pretty Ugly contains discussions of infection and diseases, homophobia within the healthcare system, and graphic depictions of parasites, sex, the body, and self harm.