12 Months of Podcast Drama by Queer, Albertan Writers

Cardiac Theatre, in partnership with What It Is Productions, presents The Alberta Queer Calendar Project: a full year of podcast drama from queer, Albertan writers in 2020. 

Episodes are released monthly in 2020 and are free to access from anywhere.

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Ep. 1: Local Diva by Liam Salmon

Local Diva is presented with the generous support of Glass Bookshop

Release date: January 31, 2020.

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Local queer, Tragi-dean, victim/hero/example/metaphor/villain has something to say. Something about growing up gay in a catholic school, working the drag circuit, and living through the 2019 Alberta election. Something about taking it and something about… not.

Located in Edmonton City Centre, Glass Bookshop is Edmonton’s newest independent bookshop. Founded by Jason Purcell and Matthew Stepanic, the bookshop focuses on Canadian writing with special attention paid to LGBTQ2SIA and IBPOC writers, as well as the independent publishers who help to produce their work.

Writer: Liam Salmon

Director: Owen Emblau

Production Coordinator: Kiidra Duhault

Sound Designer: Thomas Geddes

Featuring: Jacob Holloway

Dramaturge: Darrin Hagen


Ep. 2: Á vendre by Émanuel Dubbledam

Á vendre is presented with the generous support of L’UniThéâtre

Stay tuned for Ep. 2’s release date.

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La famille Gilbert sait très bien choisir ses mots. Mais après plus de 30 ans de tout dire sans rien dire du tout, ils font face à une question qu’ils évitent depuis longtemps: comment faire le deuil d’une personne toujours vivante?

The Gilbert family knows how to choose their words carefully. But after 30 years of saying everything without saying anything, they are faced with one question that they have been avoiding for a long time: how do you mourn someone who is still alive?

L’UniThéâtre est la seule compagnie de théâtre professionnel francophone d’Edmonton et a pour mandat de contribuer au développement de la communauté francophone et à la promotion des expressions langagières et culturelles en français à Edmonton, en Alberta et à travers le Canada.

L’UniThéâtre is the only professional francophone theatre company in Edmonton and as such we are dedicated to the development of the francophone community and to the promotion of the French language and French-language cultural expressions in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada.

Writer: Émanuel Dubbledam

Director: Paula Laroche Humby

Coordinatrice de production/Production Coordinator: Beth Grieve

Sound Designer: Kiidra Duhault

Julie: Katine Deniset

Remi: Vincent Forcier

Benoit: Patrick Dunn

La Nurse: Sophie Gareau-Brennan

Lucille: Eve-Marie Forcier


Ep. 3: Suspension by Hayley Moorhouse

Suspension is presented with the generous support of SkirtsAfire Festival and funded, in part, by the Edmonton Arts Council

Release date: March 1, 2020.
Suspension is also available IRL February 24 – 28 & March 1 – 6, 2020 at the Nina Haggerty Gallery (9225 118 Avenue, Edmonton), as part of SkirtsAfire Festival 2020. Details below*.

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Two strangers meet in a lush suburban backyard. Overhead, a plane has exploded. Gravity has stopped. The wreckage hangs suspended in the air. A dark absurdist comedy about what it means to bear witness.

Founded in 2012, SkirtsAfire Festival is Edmonton’s only theatre and multidisciplinary arts festival featuring women. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, our 10 day festival runs each March at various venues in the heart of Old Strathcona, Downtown, and Alberta Avenue. We present powerful and insightful stories to a diverse audience that is hungry to be moved by passionate performances and exhibitions. Programming reflects the true diversity of the thriving arts community in Alberta and Canada, and is adaptive in its approach in order to remain responsive to the needs of artists and audiences.

Writer: Hayley Moorhouse

Director: Suzie Martin

Featuring: Meegan Sweet & Holly Wandler

Gallery Coordinator: Kiidra Duhault

*In partnership with SkirtsAfire Festival 2020, Suspension will be available to listen to alongside a visual art gallery and collaborative installation piece, curated by artist Stephanie Florence. Drawing inspiration from the themes in Moorhouse’s drama, Wilson has built a visual world to accompany March’s edition of the Alberta Queer Calendar Project.

Nina Haggerty Gallery

9225 118 Avenue, Edmonton

Listen Live (hear Suspension on our sound system as you wander through the gallery):

-Thursday, February 27, 6-7pm
as part of the Opening Ceremonies

-Sunday, March 1, 8-9pm
after ‘She Moves’

Listen On Your Device (or a rental iPod):

-February 24 – 28, 10am-2pm

-March 2 – 6, 10am-2pm

-Saturday, March 7, 2-3pm
before ‘A Place For Prose’


Ep. 4: Pretty Ugly by Brett Dahl

Pretty Ugly is presented with the generous support of Theatre Outré

Stay tuned for Ep. 4’s release date.

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Meet ‘Guy’ – He’s just been diagnosed with a rare enteric bacteria that is eating away at his gut flora – eating him from the inside out. He got it because he is gay – whatever that means. He also just killed his boyfriend. Metaphorically. Or literally… or both.

Meet ‘Ken’ – He’s the perfect boyfriend. He’s got the best body. The best dick. But he’s hiding a dark secret. His body has become a currency, a piece of capital, in an acquisition of power.

Theatre Outré is a professional theatre company based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Founded in 2012 by artistic director Jay Whitehead, Theatre Outré is a leading outlet for alternative queer theatre in Alberta and the producer of the hugely successful Pretty Witty & Gay Cabaret & Festival. It also operates its own venue in Lethbridge, Didi’s Playhouse (formerly Club Didi and Bordello). 

Writer: Brett Dahl


Ep. 5: These Four Walls by Jay Northcott

Ep. 6: Real Job by Arielle Rombough

These Four Walls and Real Job are presented with the generous support of Downstage

Stay tuned for Ep. 5 & 6’s release dates.

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Ep. 7: Home Again by Calla Wright

Home Again is presented with the generous support of The Nextfest Arts Co.

Stay tuned for Ep. 7’s release date.

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Ep. 8: My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend by Jamie Price

Stay tuned for Ep. 8’s release date.

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Ep. 9: Ai Yah! Face the Facts! by Dale Lee Kwong

Stay tuned for Ep. 9’s release date.

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Ep. 10: Mx. by Tyler J Sloane

Stay tuned for Ep. 10’s release date.

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Ep. 11: Let Me Keep Opening This Moment by Elena Belyea

Stay tuned for Ep. 11’s release date.

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Ep. 12: Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story by Natalie Meisner

Stay tuned for Ep. 12’s release date.

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Ep. 13: The Hooves Belonged to the Deer by Makram Ayache

Stay tuned for Ep. 13’s release date.

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Project Mentor: Darrin Hagen
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The Alberta Queer Calendar Project is Produced by:
Jessica Glover
Harley Morison
Liam Salmon
with audio by Brian Bergum of What It Is Productions

You can reach the AQCP producers at albertaqueercalendar@gmail.com.

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